About Sytze Wierda

Licensed international IoPT psychotrauma trainer by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert.
Recommended practitioner by Vivian Broughton.

About Sytze Wierda

Licensed international IoPT psychotrauma trainer by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert.
Recommended practitioner by Vivian Broughton.

Together with you I like to take steps where others couldn't guide you further or couldn't teach you further. I do this with passion, an open heart, a lot of knowledge and experience, permission and curiosity.

Trauma shapes and distorts our lives. The way we live, the way we love and form relationships. It affects our ability to be in the moment and to be connected. It keeps us stuck.
By working on ourselves; to our own healthy autonomy and identity, we find connection, happy relationships and a fulfilling life.

As facilitator

… I help you to heal your psychological injuries, to find peace, to give direction to your life and to enter into happy relationships. To stop repeating patterns, to find an answer to: 'who am I, really? Or to take your own place and/or to shape the second phase of life. I use my own journey, my experiences and my education to bring you to your core, it is necessary to experience deeply where you are not true to yourself.

My facilitation is strongly focused on presence and quickly gets to the heart of complex patterns. That is the essence of my work. People tell me that I radiate security and that my warm, cordial manner strengthens trust, acceptance and love for someone's own personality.

You can contact me for individual facilitation in trauma processing and for growth in personal leadership.

Sytze is like a tree connected to the earth, symbolizing life, rooting and stability. He meets at eye level, is empathetic and quickly gets to the heart of complex patterns with his wise, balanced and experienced manner. His guidance is solution-oriented and goal-oriented and is strongly focused on presence. That is the essence of his work. With his warm, cordial demeanor, he radiates security and promotes trust, acceptance, and love for one's own personality. - Ajla

As a trainer

... it is my mission to train trauma-informed counselors/care providers. As counselors, therapists and social workers, we have a unique position. We may be the first to offer a healthy relationship and healing. When trauma dissolves, there is room for 'we', for the community.
I teach you to look at the causes under diagnoses and social issues. You will notice that you will get a really different vision of yourself, your relationships and your clients. More lovingly and with compassion. With IoPT you can facilitate people where others did not get any further. With IoPT there is an answer to our social issues and tasks. This is how I contribute to a safe, inclusive society.

You can contact me for accredited IoPT vocational training (base year and specialization year) and accredited supervision.
Organizations can contact me for accredited refresher courses and in-company courses.

IoPT Training & supervisor; Trauma Therapist, Personal Leadership Coach, Couples Therapist
I incorporate my own journey, experience, and education to help you experience where you are not true to yourself. I've lived through much of what my students and clients go through and I've always been looking for the essence. People around me indicate that I radiate safety and tranquility. As a child, friends told me their secrets and I really kept them to myself. I look at the beautiful core of people and I try to strengthen it. Sometimes I am a bit direct. I found my base and I am happy to help you find yours.

My life experience consists of a lot of loss and I have learned what grieving is and how it heals; a burnout and two career changes. In my backpack I take with me that I was bullied as a child and that there were too high expectations of who I was supposed to be. That left deep scratches on my soul at the time. I learned to be present as a partner, to be transparent and not to be blown away when it storms. Meanwhile, the next phase of life has arrived. It is precisely because of my life path that I can facilitate you.

I am the first one to offer an accredited vocational education to become IoPT facilitator and a.o. an accredited supervision program in the Netherlands. Also I am a registered therapist for individual and couples coaching.

Certified S. Wierda (Inner-Tree)

See below for my registrations.

My educations
Specialized in Identity oriented Psychotrauma Theory & therapy (IoPT) since 2019 and licensed IoPT trainer since 2022.

Trained by Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert a.o. Also trained in systemic work (family constellations) and other modalities, including behavioral psychology (NICABM) and relational life therapy.

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